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The day RPUK was born, Remember Me premiere 2010.

For fans of the Sound of Music you will know well the lyrics to this song which completely sum up how I’m feeling right now. It is with a heavy heart that I report this will be the last post from Robert Pattinson UK. The last 3 years have been an absolute blast and we’ve loved every minute of it, yes even those crazy Twilight Saga promo times that saw us sleep deprived and cranky, trying to juggle a full time posting job with our full time real jobs and our full time family commitments! Staying up until 4/5am to bring live tweets and up to date news on Rob’s promo’s in the US and even Australia.  Sadly circumstances have changed and I find myself a single mum with a very demanding daughter and I just cannot give the time to RPUK that it needs. As a site we have brought you up to the minute news on Rob’s working life, with the commitments that I need to give to my little girl I won’t be able to give you, our readers the high quality and timely information that you have been accustomed to and I’m not prepared to do that.

Lucy with Rob at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Premiere in London, 2011

As Kirsty said just yesterday, it is far better for us to go out with a bang than fade into a site that no one visits because our news is so out of date all the time. From my personal perspective, I would much rather say goodbye now, knowing that RPUK will live on in your hearts than take a back seat and let everyone else do all the hard work, it’s just not in my nature to do that.

Yes we are somewhere at the front of that crowd! Cosmopolis Premiere, Cannes 2012

What about the rest of the team? I hear you ask. Well Lucy has recently had a baby and will be returning to work full time in a few months, her priorities too have shifted and as much as Lucy, Kirsty and the other girls would love to keep RPUK going it just isn’t feasible sadly. Work and family commitments demand a lot of their time, where this was possible with all of us working together covering at different times, just one or two of us being unavailable means we’ll not have the cover needed during heavy news periods.

The RPUK family (at the time!) at the Water for Elephants Premiere, London, 2011

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we all appreciate the support you have given us over the last 3 years.  From 2010 when the site was born at the premiere of Remember Me in London, we have had a presence at every one of Rob’s film premieres in the UK and have even managed to attend two World Premieres in that time, Bel Ami at the Berlinale Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival for Cosmopolis.  We have met so many great fans from all over the world and as a site we have made many true friends throughout the fandom, something that would not have happened without the charming good looks of our adorkable boy.  Of course our loyalty to Rob and his work will not end just because the site has. We will still be attending as many premieres as we can, we just won’t be quite so obvious anymore as the banners and hoodies that you have all come to recognise will not be present.  We’ll just be one of the crowd, a novelty that’s for sure!

Kirsty and Claire with Rob at the Bel Ami Premiere, Berlin 2012

However, it isn’t all sad news. When one door closes, another opens and out of the ashes of RPUK rises a place for you to live in the gutter and perv to your heart’s content! Go visit www.thegutterangels.blogspot.co.uk where the girls have started an 18+ place to enjoy Rob’s work. They will carry on our mantra of no paparazzi, no gossip, no private life etc so it will be a safe place to visit to just enjoy some of the aspects that we have been able to bring you.

A special little note from me to all the people who have helped me keep this site going over the years.  In particular Margaret my sounding board and moral support, without her RPUK would never have got off the ground.  Also to Lucy and Kirsty my fellow admins.  We’ve had blood sweat and tears but it has all been so, so worth it!  Thank you for everything girls, it doesn’t end with the site though, I love you. To Claire, Sarah, Mandy, Laura and Aisha thank you from the bottom of my heart.  To everyone that has come and gone but left their mark on the site and me: Janine, Amy, Sophie, CC, Minnie, Sara, Liz, Marlies, Aimee, Ally, Orli, Fatima, Suz, Amanda, Mandy and Georgia thank you for being a part of it.

Kirsty with Rob at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere, London 2012

But mostly thank you all for your support over the last three years, it has meant so much to us. Oh and you never know, circumstances change and who knows what the future holds for RPUK…….

With love always

Sam, Lucy, Kirsty, Claire, Mandy, Sarah, Aisha and Laura

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Well hello again :)

I’m sure you have seen it already, but OH MY! DIOR ROB! :D




* Robert Pattinson officially confirmed as the new face of Dior Homme Fragrance HERE.

* First official HQ picture of Robert Pattinson from Dior’s ’1000 lives’ ad HERE.

* Robert Pattinson featuring on the Dior Magazine Online ‘The man behind the scent’ HERE.

* Another photo of Robert Pattinson from the Dior Promo Shoot HERE.

* Robert Pattinson and Dior in London’s Metro from 13-06-2013 HERE.

* Robert Pattinson and Dior in Spanish Glamour Magazine HERE.

* Fan picture with Robert Pattinson from the Dior press junket HERE.

But…other things too, ofcource…

* Old Robert Pattinson photoshoot outtake in better quality and untagged HERE.

* Robert Pattinson’s ‘Queen of the Desert’ update; Possible shooting date and location HERE.

* Meghan Markle talks about working with Robert Pattinson in ‘Remember me’ HERE.


Jun 152013


The sexy actress talks about being a foodie, fitting into pencil skirts, and working with Robert Pattinson.

HWP: Your latest film was Remember Me with Robert Pattinson. What was like working with him?
MM: Oh, he’s such a sweetheart. I filmed some scenes in New York with him for a small part. He’s a really lovely guy and a really great example to be able to watch someone who is young, who’s stardom has really taken over his live in such a huge way, and yet he’s still gracious, humble and cool. I think that is really endearing.

Read the full interview HERE


Jun 142013

The translation is a little rough via Google translate.

Exclusiva Glamour: Robert Pattinson, rostro de la nueva fragancia de Dior HommeEl actor británico protagonizará una campaña de un perfume masculino que se lanzará en septiembre.


Por Ana Serrano

No hay rumores ni rupturas que consigan detener la imparable carrera de Robert Pattinson. Con la saga vampírica más exitosa ya atrás, y un montón de proyectos cinematográficos por presentar, su próximo paso que lo consolida como estrella llega de la mano de Dior.

Y es que acabamos de saber que la maison le ha nombrado imagen de la nueva fragancia masculina de Dior Homme. El ‘estreno’ de esta nueva faceta lo podremos ver en septiembre, cuando se presentarán el perfume y la campaña con Robert como protagonista.

Además, Glamour será la primera de las revistas femeninas en tener una entrevista exclusiva con el actor. Será en el número de septiembre, y en ella nos contará todos los detalles de su nueva faceta como embajador de una firma de lujo. No es la primera vez que Robert Pattinson trabaja como modelo (recordemos que los inicios de su carrera fueron posando) pero sí lo es como imagen de una casa como Dior.

Robert es noticia estos días, además de por motivos sentimentales, por tener una agenda de lo más apretado. Acaba de terminar el rodaje de The Rover en Australia, y pronto empezará Maps to the Stars, a las órdenes de David Cronenberg (con quien ya había trabajado en Cosmopolis, en 2013) para seguir con Hold on Me, al lado de Carey Mulligan.

¿Cómo será la campaña de esta nueva fragancia de Dior Homme? No os preocupéis, seguiremos muy de cerca su desarrollo y seguiremos informando…


By Ana Serrano

No rumors or breaks they get stop of Robert Pattinson unstoppable. With the most successful vampire saga and back, and a lot of film projects to present, the next step that strengthens as the star comes from the hand of Dior.

And we just know that the maison has been named the new image Dior Homme men’s fragrance. The ‘premiere’ of this new facet what we see in September when presented perfume and starring Robert campaign.

Furthermore, Glamour will be the first women’s magazine to have an exclusive interview with the actor. It will be in the September issue, and it will tell us all the details of his new role as ambassador for a luxury brand. It’s not the first time that Robert Pattinson works as a model (remember that early in his career were posing) but it is as the image of a house like Dior.

Robert is news these days, apart from sentimental reasons, having an agenda as tight. Just finished filming The Rover in Australia, and will soon begin Maps to the Stars, under the command of David Cronenberg (with whom he had worked in Cosmopolis, in 2013) to follow Hold on Me, next to Carey Mulligan.

How will this new fragrance campaign for Dior Homme? Do not worry, we will follow its development closely and will keep you informed …


Jun 142013

New Fan Picture of Robert Pattinson During the Dior Press Junket, it’s also in our RPUK Gallery.


@yvesching: Mother having fun with #robertpattinson at #beverlyhills #LA #twilight #businesstrip

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Jun 132013

A ‘Queen of the Desert’ update from producer Cassian Elwes on one of Robert Pattinson’s upcoming films. This is great news, really hoping this happens.

Extremely productive meeting on queen of the desert this morning. The plan is now in place to shoot later this year in morocco Jordan & Germany