MTV Movie Awards 2010

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Jun 072010

Wow, what a night! Twilight, Rob & Kristen completely cleaned up winning all 5 awards there were up for.

The show started with a bang with a message for the producer of the awards, Les Grossman (aka Tom Cruise) showing Rob & Taylor in his new Les Grossman produced film, “Bad Ass Cops”.

New Moon won Best Film, Kirsten Stewart won Best Female Performance while Rob & Kirsten won Best kiss for New Moon. Rob won Best Male Performance & Global Superstar!

Rob’s acceptance speech – Best Male Performance & Global Superstar

Click here to see Peter’s acceptance speech for New Moon. ** Warning – censor fail **

Everyone is buzzing about the Best Kiss acceptance where Rob & Kirsten were ‘adorkable’ showing the fans that “it takes alot of smoke and mirrors” to make their kisses look good on film.

Along with of this fun and excitement, Rob, Kristen & Taylor presented an exclusive Eclipse clip

We also have a backstage interview with Rob

We have over 100 pictures in our gallery. To check them out, click here

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