Jun 152012

Here’s the audio we took of Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg’s interview on the Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review. If you use this audio please source us.

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  1. Thank you for posting this.Listening to Rob is always a pleasure. Sorry I can’t say the same about Cronenberg. In saying you couldn’t connect with the film, but maybe that’s what Cronenberg intended. Ah, giving him an out I see. No such luck with me for him. You found it difficult to connect with the film because Cronenberg couldn’t connect with DeLillo’s novel at all. He wanted to piss all over and stamp Cronenberg on this film to OWN it!

    Cronenberg in interviews has demonstrated he doesn’t know the difference between cyber-capital and capital. Well, honey let me set you straight: capital has a product. Marx has written the definitive definition and description of capital, so obviously you aren’t too familiar with Marx except for a sound bite here and there, which you are very good at – DAVID! (Get my sub-text!)

    DeLillo has said in his Krasny youtube interview that he created a character who would destroy CYBER – capital in one day. Cyber-capital is global. It circulates. It rises and sets like the sun – Jean Baudrillard. It has no representation. It is just numbers, money talking to itself, as Vija Kinski says, circulating globally, just numbers on a screen. As Packer says, “just air.” Nothing. But it will leave people to retch and die in the gutter, so says Vija Kinski.And while numbers are circulating, sex is circulating and so is information. We are drowning in information.

    Then he says about Occupy that they are anti-capitalists who want a piece of the pie. No they aren’t. They have no agenda and this is their strength. Google Zizek who makes a speech to them on Wall Street. Cronenberg has no political consciousness. AT. ALL.

    “a rat is the unit of currency” is a line from a poem by Herbert from an award winning collection of his poetry. Herbert and DeLillo received the Jerusalem Prize in recent years. DeLillo read Herbert’s poem at the first memorial service for 9-11.

    In the TOTEL review of Cosmopolis, Cronenberg, , when asked about the rat, said he didn’t deal in metaphors. He didn’t know the meaning and he didn’t think -DON – (get that friendly first name sub-text) probably didn’t either.

    Does Cronenberg know anything at all about this crucial novel of our time. NOPE.

    I would have put links but didn’t know if I could put hot links here.

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